BMI and BMR What?

Hi friends,

I wanted to explain I am not a medical doctor, or even a nurse.  I used to be in nursing years ago, but due to my back and feet I left that job.  I have however been in school for Information Systems Technology IS and graduated in December.

This chart shows a persons Body Mass Index.  This yellow area is where I hope to eventually get to.  But right now I am in one of the worst categories I could be in with a BMI of 50.  At 310 I am in the third stage of Obesity. I did not realize that I was that bad until yesterday.  That puts me at terrible risk.  I am surprised I have not had a heart attack by now.

My BMI (body mass index) indicates that I am at extreme risk to have so many health problems.

My weight rose  39 lbs after I got pneumonia in the spring of 2019.  At first I lost a bunch of weight because I almost was dying.

Then later with all the medications I gained weight because a lot of them were steroids.  So I bloated up and my face looked horrible.  That picture with my family having dinner together was shortly after I recovered.

Every time I get sick I almost end up in the hospital.  This time I did.

Practically Dying - Seriously Sick

Getting Tons of Antibiotics Several Times a Day

Finally home after 11 Rounds of Antibiotics Later 

Got out for some yummy food but still recovering

Still recovering for 2 months

Finally better.

Moon face from all the steroids ugh!

What I look like at 274 before all the pneumonia.

For my moderate asthma I already take about 3 steroids and some other daily medications.  This compounds my weight loss significantly and I am pretty sure Singulair, Symbicort, and Albuterol are my primary problems.  With occasional bouts of Prednisone during bad colds or flus, my face and body really swell badly with the moon face symptoms.

Unfortunately I need these drugs to live so what else can I do but just deal with the disappointment of perpetual weight gain.  I try to only take what is necessary but my doctors get frustrated with me when I skip them so I don't gain as much weight.  I would be 400 lbs by now if I did not skip them during my good moments.  Furthermore a de-humidifier is making my life so much better.  I can take so much less medication and I lose a lot when using it.

What is worse is I just have a heck of a time losing weight on these medications.

My asthma and chronic depression have been a total problem contributing to my weight in my life.  My doctor confirmed the weight was from the medications. calculates my BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate at 2194.  This is the amount of energy needed while resting in a temperate environment when the digestive system is inactive.  But my goal is 1207.  That is a huge difference.  I hope my numbers are not off.

Mifflin St Jeor                  BMR   2194
Revised Harris-Benedict BMR   2476
Katch-McArdle                BMR   2800

When I change my body fat calculation the numbers are completely different.

Mifflin St Jeor                     BMR 2194
Revised Harris-Benedict   BMR 2476
Katch-McArdle                  BMR 1342

Questions to research or ask the experts.

Will the fat from the Keto clog your heart and veins?  That is another concern of mine.  I am already at high risk.


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