Eating Out: Mexican Style - Delicious Carnitas - Are They Bad?

This morning I was waiting impatiently to get to the scale and to see what my weight was.  We went out for Mexican last night.

I wanted to see if I could survive not eating chips and salsa, and avoiding beans and Mexican rice.  It was a bit hard but I managed. I watched everyone else indulge in the chips and salsa and white lemon ranch like dip.

I did indulge myself in a Diet Soda.  I know I need to let that go, but I will eventually, I just have to adjust slowly or I will fail.  I am not a fast drinker so it goes in pretty slowly in small sips.

My choice at San Jose in Virginia Beach, VA was this Carnitas plate which the kitchen modified for me.  Additionally I had a little salad with avocado slices.  The tomatoes were thrown on top by my husband from his meal for color.  I promise I won't let him do it next time.

Now I haven't eaten Carnitas in 18 years or more but it was the closest thing I could get to bacon or sausage since I don't know what the heck I am doing.

I knew it was a slightly fatty meat. I probably should have only eaten about 3 ounces and saved the rest for a snack or another meal.

Next time I will be aware that it will make me possibly go over on my Fat budget.  Because I did not calculate it until I got home.

I am not sure how many ounces the meal had it was but I think about 5 or 6 oz. of meat, possibly more, plus I had avocado and lettuce and my husband threw on a couple of his tiny tomatoes for me which I am not even sure I ate.  It was the closest to Keto I could get being a newbie and not really knowing the rules of Keto well.

I rarely eat pork because I am primarily a chick-i-tarian.  Eating carnitas kind of grossed me out because it's such a fatty meat.  Ugh.  But I got through it.  I did cut off some of the gristle that grosses me out.  I do not like eating fat intentionally but I realize that is the part of this diet that helps convert a human into a fat burning machine.

The flavor was pretty good and it seemed baked so that too was good.  But the fat, ugh I hate the texture. I am pretty sure it was baked because I was the last person to get my food.  But honestly I don't know how they make it.  It did not taste fried.

Since I gave up red meat years ago I just don't have a taste for it anymore.  And I hate gristle or fatty food.  I am not sure what to do about this because I quit eating it for my Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  So eating fatty food concerns me because of my Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS).  I have read that Keto actually improves IBS so I will let you know how that works for me.

I hope if you are a Keto expert or Nutritionist you can comment me and let me know what you think.  In general my bowels are more calm when I avoid red meat.

After eating the Carnitas, I do not feel bad or anything, my bowels seem OK.  I made sure to add a little salt so I can avoid the Keto Flu that I hear about.

I am also going to add in a daily vitamin or every other day daily supplement to make sure I do not get that sick feeling everyone talks about.

If you are nutritionist or a Keto expert make sure to comment and tell me what I did right or wrong so I can fix it.

Please subscribe and comment, make sure to add me on MyFitnessPal, my username is HauteSwan.


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