Day 2: Forgot I Was Getting My Body Into Ketosis!!

So the great thing is folks that I set my goals today.  And I cut my daughter's hair.  Short.  Yup she prefers it short even though it grows really long.  And she showed up with some seriously hot pink hair.  Yup I was like, Who is this awesome girl!

Somehow even though we spent the day together and hit Starbucks with her since she treated me, I still managed to almost hit my goals with Keto.  How, I am not really sure.  I wasn't bad, but I wasn't exactly good.  After a day of eating out and chopping hair I really did not do bad for my second day, especially because 1207 calories has never been done in my entire life.  Ever. Never.  Ever.  Nope.  That was a shock and to still be so full at 9:49 pm well that is a huge surprise.  Well I didn't exactly make 1207 but I made it at 1295.

Selfie after her hair cut!  So cute!
I think she liked it!

I even had left over bacon from my meal of eggs and bacon at IHOP.  I already had 5 pieces at this point.  I am not even sure I was supposed to do that.  I was stuffed.  But I ate those for my afternoon snack.  Not sure that is Keto at all but I am learning every day!  Please leave comments as I had not read much of the Keto information quite yet but that was a guess on that one.

I did download this free and extremely helpful sheet at

It's the "A 7-day Keto Diet Meal Plan under 1600 Daily Calories" on their site.

Well since I did not have a clue I at least got to the part where I found out I had to figure out my Macros.  So I followed their Macro calculation tool.  I found that using the PDF I downloaded from them.  Thank you Perfect Keto.  I might just have to sign up with them.  

Here is the Ketogenic Macro Calculator I used.

So I ended up with my numbers.  I had to forego the numbers that My myfitnesspal account gave me and change my myfitnesspal so that I was looking at tracking protein, carbs, fat and calories.

I changed those here on Myfitnesspal in the settings section at the top.

I also changed the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to 9am, 11am, 1am, 3pm and 8pm.  I figured it was something cool I could change. So it's more like small meals.  That is also on the same settings page.

Calories by meal is in the Goals section in the second box.

I did change also my calorie goal that the keto macro calculator recommended here under Goals and the rest recalculated very close to what was recommended by

For my BMI and Weight, etc, I am to stick to this:

1207 Calories 
185 Protein (Fitness Pal says 181g - 60%)
30 Carbs (Fitness Pal says 30g - 10%)
39 Fat (Fitness Pal says 40g - 30%)

At that calculation I might lose 9.55 lbs per 1 month.  Let's hope so.

Did they know I was starting Keto ha ha?  Or are those basic recommendations in general by all dieting standards?

I guess I missed the main point earlier which I just read a few minutes ago.  Somehow I realize changes are bound to happen so I should expect that my Irritable Bowel and Allergies might come into play.  Let's hope not.  Later I read that Keto helps people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I am already having a bit of stomach upset because I ate mostly meat and salad today.  

"You have to easily enter and stay in ketosis," according to

Whew glad I am rethinking that fact above.  I guess I almost missed that point.  I am just kidding.  I really did just finish a pretty grueling degree at a great university.  However it still feels like I am starting a diet, but that is not truly it.

In a sense Keto is not so much a diet but a metabolism change.  Apparently it is to trick the body into stopping using sugar for energy and convert it into using fat for energy.  So what happens to the sugar?  Anyone know?  I am gonna have to research it.  I will let you know when I find out.  However I think the point is to eat as little sugar as possible.

So how did I do today, well I am not sure yet so I will post that tomorrow.  I don't know if I might give into my chocolate craving by eating a few dark chocolate chips or by drinking some chocolate milk but that might take me far over my calories.  I am wondering if my calories should be a bit more like it said on My Fitness Pal.

Perfect Keto recommends I have 1207 calories.  But My Fitness Pal was more around 1600.  But I think the point is not about calories so much as it is about fats and carbs and protein of course.

It says the only way to tell if I am in Ketosis is with a Precision Xtra meter.  Well I wonder if I can just use my husbands Glucose meter.  Another thing to check into.  Hmm probably not because I see it at Amazon with Ketosis strips not blood glucose strips.  How often do you have to do it, I am not sure.

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Have a blessed day!  I look forward to your joining me in the quest for good health!