Day 3: How did I lose this weight? This never happens to me?

I did not do bad today.  I was not really craving anything.  I had good energy.  When I ordered dinner I was hungry but I wasn't hungry for food it was more like my body was hungry.  I wasn't having food flavor cravings like I might usually.

I did better today but I think with Keto I can only fit in two meals a day plus a snack.  I am not sure if this is normal.  Plus my energy never left.

I bleached my friend's daughters hair with her help and did not feel tired as usual.  How is this possible?

I am putting enough salt on my food to avoid the Keto Flu.  I have not had it yet though I had a slightly runny nose today.  I got some clothing in from China as a test for my fashion business but made sure to sanitize everything since the Corona Virus is supposedly going around.

I don't want to get sick nor make my family sick.  I am pretty sure they would not send the item unless it was safe.  The clothing looks good, I have to wash it first to destroy any viral material that could be on it.

So really great news, I stepped on the scale and I lost a lot of weight.  I weighed in at 306.2.  That was a huge surprise to me.  I mean a huge surprise.  Nothing has worked like this before.  I never expected such good results so fast.

I have really struggled with my weight due to all the steroids and usually go up instead of down.  I am trying not to take them if I can avoid them to give my body a fighting chance on this diet.  I started around 313 so to lose more than 5 lbs so far is a shock to me.  It is not normal for me but maybe this Keto has something to it.  And it's been surprisingly easy. 

By dinnertime I did feel my stomach feeling a bit bad from not eating but I had no craving at all for food.  That is what is throwing me off.

Well my numbers aren't bad nor are they good, they are what they are.  I was a little high on carbs and fat.  I will continue to figure out how to sustain this diet.

Question?  Can I eat chicken on Keto.  I am not a red meat person anymore since I have IBS I don't eat it nor have I intentionally for like 6-7 years.

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