KETO Quick Learning Point - What Are Good Keto Oils?

So I really don't know much yet but from what I understand here are good oils for keto.  I prefer organic to anything so that is always my first choice.  I suppose Amazon will be my best friend for researching where I can get these oils easily.

Good Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (I use this pretty often)
Virgin Coconut Oil or Coconut Oil (I use this mostly on my face and hair)
MCT Oil (I have never even heard of this but seems to be a form of Coconut oil that helps promote ketosis)
Avocado Oil  (I rarely even have this but mostly to make skin care items)

Less Common Good Oils

High-Oleic Sunflower or Safflower Oil  (I have used this when I find it)
Sesame Oil  (I have used this for cooking asian food)
Macadamia Oil  (I have never even seen this anywhere)
Palm Oil  (I have used this to make skin care items)
Animal Fat  (I only have used to prime my cast iron pans - as Lard) and butter is an animal fat which I use all the time.  I hear bacon fat is good for you but I have never used it except in Lard, not even to make soap.

Well that's it for this article.  I do recommend that you read this article at  It was quite long and well researched.

Best and Worst Oils for a Keto Diet:  Cooking, Drizzling, and What to Avoid

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