I Was Way Over On Calories

I guess a lot of the Keto lifestyle will be planning because I am besides myself with not knowing recipes (which I am starting to collect) and not having what I need on hand. I plan to make a list Monday and to go shopping so I can get some of the essentials I need.  I found this one somewhere.  I wish I could remember where I got this but it isn't mine.

I had eggs and bacon for breakfast today but I am sure I over did it.  I am really only eating two meals a day and making breakfast bigger.  I am sure that is not good for me so I am going to try to get a menu planner and figure out a regular keto diet plan so I am not struggling with the meals.

This was my food selections for Friday!  I hope I do better today but I really need to go shopping.  I also should limit my sodas to one per day and substitute water.

I was over on calories, carbs and fat probably due to the crab cakes and the peanuts but I was craving salt so it's my fault. Next time maybe I will eat half as many peanuts but I was binge watching a sci fy flick so that is my own fault, I was not paying attention.  I should not take a can of peanuts and eat them without measuring the amount I am allowed.  All good things to pay attention to.

So question to all you knowledgeable Nutritionists, do calories matter as much as fat and carbs?