Oh No, I Blew It

I knew it was gonna be hard.  I got through most of the day doing good but I knew something was gonna mess me up.  I saw these Ghiradelli Candy Bars I had as gifts for someone.  I knew they were there but I did not touch them.

Instead I substituted 10 of the small vanilla candy coating wafers since I was out of dark chocolate chips, and a 1/4 cup of peanuts. They were salty and very good.  I am not worried about the salt because I hear it will help you avoid the Keto Flu.  Please share your experiences because I never did Keto and not sure how bad that Flu will be.

Image result for white candy melts

I did go over my caloric requirement, met my protein requirement, went a bit over my carbohydrate requirement but it was from a salad, didn't quite make the fat requirement, but made the fiber and sugar requirement.  I will have to work harder tomorrow.  I am so tired tonight, but that is no excuse.  I'm so tired I'm staring off into space.  Don't laugh!

I am so mad at myself but it's only day 2.  I will survive.

I knew the idea that I might starve made me crave chocolate.  Shame on me.  However, I can't believe I ate only 1655 calories.  That was pretty good for me even though I am not used to that.  I will keep working on it!  I am sure I will adjust.  Good try for my first day.

Thoughts: I feel I did better at Ihop with eggs and bacon than I did at Wendy's with their Parmesan Cesar Chicken Salad.  But I was tired from getting 2 hours of sleep the night before last. Someone called in crisis and I could not ignore them.  I will catch up soon!

Giving myself a pat even though I freaked out a little at the end of the day and blew my calories, carbs and fat.  Over time I will get used to it and stop feeling anxious.

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