Lost my first 10 lbs on Keto in 1 Week

OK now this is going to sound absolutely insane.  I just lost my first 10 lbs on Keto.  In one week, 10 lbs lost.  You may be thinking no way it could be done.  I weighed in and was at 303.6 today.  Now you might think that is just a terrible weight.  But for me it is a miracle.

I never lose weight. I feel am probably pre-diabetic and I have been up the the third rung of morbid obesity.  So the success of losing 10 lbs with very little effort just by changing the way I am eating a bit is quite exciting for me.  From 313 to 303 is worthy of celebration.

The main reason why is because finally I found something that works.

In one week I have lowered my BMI 2 points or from 50.5 to 48.9 in one week just by changing the way I burn food.  What a absolute success for me.  If you read my history you know how much it has plagued me to try to lose weight and have zero success.

You should understand how my insurance company, Optima Health, refused to pay for my obesity surgery even when I paid them $15,000 for a waiver for morbid obesity surgery insurance with a bmi of 38 or 39.  Fracking crooks.  I got screwed royally.  After this year I will never go back to them!

If you read my story you might understand how awful it has been with my constant asthma and the need for steroids, the moon face it gives me, and the misery of always having to be very careful to ask people if they have dogs, cats, animals, and whether I go out side because I live within a mile of a dump, etc.  But I can either take the steroids when I need them or die.  Not a very hard decision right?

It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 or more medications to keep me breathing at a 92-95 oxygen saturation.  And I hate sounding like a whiner or a hypochondriac about my asthma and allergies.  It plagues me to no end the way that people don't understand how hard it can be for me just to breathe comfortably.  So all these medications like Albuterol, Singulair, Symbicort, Spiriva (the only non-steroid), Prednisone, and other stuff for my nebulizer when needed.  This does not include allergy medications, and other medications for my back.  This does not include extra trips to the ER when things get too hard to handle for my breathing.

Most of those medications are a form of steroid designed to open my lungs. Unfortunately they make it impossible to lose weight and certainly will cause me to gain.  That combined with the real culprit of the past anti-depressants that I took to get over child abuse.

To make that kind of progress in one week is nothing short of miraculous.  To be honest, I prayed to God to help me find a way to lose weight and somehow a few days later I saw this guy who lost 75 lbs on Keto.  I was like, I wish I could do that.  Well now I think, if I just keep trying I am sure I can.

I have even cheated a bit this week and had wings at Wing King, and a veggie burger at Red Robin.  I have been drinking soda and coffee, two things I really should give up, but hey we all have our vices. It's been rough telling myself you can do this and just completely refraining from all the delicious things in the world like chocolate filled with caramel or tortilla chips and cheese.  I will eventually find substitutes for rare occasions when I want a dessert item.  I am planning on making a red velvet cake this weekend so I might have a tiny bit of sugar which could set me back a lot.  I plan to only have a small slice.  We will see what happens.  The frosting will be made of cream cheese so hopefully it won't spike my blood sugar too bad.

I had to cut back to two meals and snacks to meet the expectation of the Keto plan. I really don't feel that hungry anyways.   I will see if I can talk to a nutritionist about it to make sure that is ok.