Favorite Low Impact Exercise While On Keto - Tai Chi

It does not help that I am to do 3 exercises a week on my Keto diet while the COVID / Corona Virus is here and the gym has shut down.  That is super frustrating since I just signed up again and also 2 of my friends are signed up with me.  So what can I do.

I can't do any really harsh exercise due to Spondylolisthesis, which means I have broken vertebrae from L3 to L5 which means my discs slide around and sometimes go inward and this means my spinal column gets ticked off at me.

What kind of mild exercise can I do?

Zumba (Youtube Videos)
Walking (Really hard with my back lately)
Free Weights (No I just can't, my Back is out)
Tai Chi (My favorite and the least difficult on my back)
Housework (No shortage of that with 2 kids still at home and being out of school due to the Corona Virus)
Yoga (Don't do it because it conflicts with my Christian values)

I will share my favorite Tai Chi Videos with you.  Give Tai Chi a chance and you will reap the benefits of it.  I hope you enjoy Tai Chi and continue doing the workshop of videos as you get better.

Tai Chi Beginners Video - Great for all levels of fitness