Not Suffering on Keto

I am really starting to love Keto.  It's a whole different way of eating.  I won't lie there are nights my kidneys and liver seem angry.  I have to drink a lot of water and take cranberry pills to make it stop.  But when I drink lots of water and eat my veggies I don't have that side effect.  I just need to get better at it.  Fiber is important!

I have been eating pretty well though.  I am usually very full and satisfied all day.  I am going to start trying to take pictures of what I make so you can see, I am not starving.  

Keto is like being fed lots of delicious meat, cheese, eggs, and yummy veggies.  Plus look I am eating cake every now and then.  And nuts with chocolate chips if I feel deprived.  So voila.  I am not suffering even one bit.  

So far in less than 2 weeks I have lost around 13-14 lbs.  And I don't feel like I suffered at all.  I even ate out a lot.  And drank my coffee with creamer.

I am going to start food pictures so I can really hold myself accountable.  This means I will take pictures of everything that goes in my mouth.  

For now I feel very proud.  And full.  I almost never feel hungry at all.  I am eating 2 meals a day plus snacks, soda and water.  Not perfect but I need to see my doctor and get my blood work done and additionally research 2 meals a day.  It's the only way I can make the 1207 calories the calculator gave me from Perfect Keto.  But it's not bothering me even one bit.  I just have to make sure to eat breakfast.

I am also 2 points down on my BMI from 50 to 48 

I lost inches all over so far.  My neck went from a 17 to a 16!  What!  

That's not all but I don't feel like going over it all at the moment.  I am gonna go play a video game with my hubby! 

Bye for now, please visit soon and see what Keto meals I am going to make next.


Home Cooking (Sorta)

Ihop 3 Egg Breakfast

I could not eat all the bacon took it home and ate it for snacks later

Carnitas (Pork) with Salad and Avocado (No Dressing) 
at San Jose Restaurant in VB

Homemade Keto Cake (no frosting, gross version, so dry)

Chicken with Cesar Salad Longhorn SteakHouse
(Forgot the pictures)

Better Keto Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (moist because I made it up)