Surprisingly Not Hungry

When I started Keto I was worried about being hungry. Surprisingly I am not hungry at all.  I have had little to zero cravings most of the time.  In fact I don't crave anything.  I way under ate today. That is not good.  I am not hungry either.  I am forcing myself to eat some peanuts with chocolate chips to try to make up for the lack of calories.  For a girl my size, I don't understand where my hunger ran off to?
Why does Keto make me feel full all day, even when I have not eaten breakfast.

Surprise!  Ketosis takes away the "hangry" feeling.  You know that one that makes you dig through every cupboard in the house and the fridge and you can't find anything to satisfy your hunger? So you end up having to go out to get something good to satisfy your urge?

There is no "hangry" with Keto so far anyways.


Yep!  I kid you not!!!

Well that is a surprise side effect I was not expecting! says, "Ketones suppress ghrelin — your hunger hormone — and increase cholecystokinin (CCK), which makes you feel full.Read more about it here when you have time. kidding!!!  I am NOT hungry!  I am still in shock.I am not having cravings either.I can't believe how NOT hungry I am and it made me worry something was wrong with me.  At least now I know why.Plus I just don't feel the same exhausted feeling I usually have either.A few weeks ago I was praying for an answer to my weight problem.  Like a miracle Keto came into my life when I saw a picture of a guy that lost about 75 lbs on Keto. I would be happy just to lose 20 lbs.I am not sure how to explain how miraculous one week on Keto has already been.  I am about 5 days in and I am already down 9 lbs.First thing in the morning my body needs to dump too.  Yes I mean number 2.  Another strange side effect.  But it's like there is much less waste too.  I think something weird is going on.  All those diets that never came true, I can kiss them goodbye.  Keto already seems like a dream come true.  Losing 1 lb. a week is rare for me.  But 9? It's not even a full week yet.Yes my pee and breath both smell a bit fruity, but nothing too crazy.  I still look like my obese self at this point but I took measurements so I will probably measure either weekly or every two weeks.  I did notice though my wedding rings were almost sliding off my fingers yesterday.I made sure to eat a tiny bit of salt on things to avoid the Keto flu.  I worry since I am on Lasix for my blood pressure.  So my ankles do swell sometimes but I have been lucky so far.I also took a multivitamin today as well.  I have not had any strange flu like symptoms.  And thank God because the Corona Virus is going around anyway I could get them confused with each other.  As an asthmatic I pray I stay clear of the Corona Virus as it's a SARS Virus and as you probably read, I am a terrible asthmatic.Join me as I continue on this Keto journey and let's see what happens to my weight.  Let's encourage each other to do well!I started at 313 and now I am at 304.4 in 5 days.  I will check in tomorrow to see how my weight is.  Add me on too!  My username is HauteSwan.