Was Red Robin Keto Friendly?

One thing I know is that I hate cooking these days.  It's only because I just finished college and I am burnt out on big meals and washing all the dishes because the other people in my house are super lazy.  So when I cook that means I clean too usually.  Super unfair.

So tonight, after a busy day, we hit Red Robin.  The question was, was I able to find a Keto friendly meal there?

Yes!  Red Robin had something I could eat on Keto.

I ordered a lettuce wrapped veggie burger with cheese and bacon.  It had a bit of mayo and no ketchup but it did have a tomato.  The patty is a custom blended ancient grain and quinoa veggie patty that amounts to about 130 calories on it's own.  I could have opted for turkey but I have not eaten beef for about 8 years so I guess I am staying with the trend.  It will be hard to do Keto without beef but I will keep trying.

The total on the Red Robin Lettuce Wrap Veggie Burger is 257 Calories, 33 Protein, 20 Carbs, 10 Fat, 10 Fiber, and 5 Sugars.  That was without the Bacon and Cheddar I added.  I do not believe my burger had guacamole on it.

Well you probably should not eat it this way.  Get the lettuce substituted out for the bun, then it's probably more Keto friendly.

photo courtesy of RedRobin.com

I could have also omitted the bacon and cheese but it upped the fat just 10 points which is good actually as it brought the fat for the meal to 25 which is 62% of my daily requirement.  If I had not blown it with my omelet this morning, I would have been under on my fat.

I still went over by 45 points on Fat.  I will have to learn how to keep my fat in recommended levels.  Remember I am using the Keto calculation for my weight and weight loss needs rather than Myfitnesspal's calculation.  The Keto calculation is way less than the Myfitnesspal's calculation which was more like 1800+ calories, etc.

I also ordered a side of salad, Cesar but it really was salad with Parmesan cheese on it.  I removed the croutons.  There did not seem to be any dressing.  If there was I did not see it.

Image result for red robin caesar side salad
photo courtesy of redrobin.com

Also I treated myself to a cold diet soda but it tasted so sugary.  I double checked and she said it was diet.  I guess I didn't realize how sugary even the syrup tastes.

My whole meal was about  477 Calories, 46 Proteins, 29 Carbs, 25 Fat, 12 Fiber, and 8 Sugars.

Not perfect but at least I was mostly on track.  Keto seems to consist of matching your food intake with the numbers you are given.  So far I stink at it but even so I have lost 9 lbs in 5 days, maybe more.  So I must be doing something right.  Or close to it.

Well I am only eating twice a day with a small snack so that was the only way I could stick to a 1207 Calorie Keto diet.  I did go over my carbs by 20 so next time I will omit the side salad which added 9 carbs which would put me at 20 carbs.

Time to work harder to get to know what things are what on Keto.  It's kind of like accounting, you are on a budget.  Don't go over budget, live within your means.

I will start doing much more analysis on meals I plan to eat so I can learn and stay within budget.  So far, I really suck at this whole budgeting thing.

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