What Happened To My Ankles?

So normally my ankles swell fairly bad at night or when I sit too long.  I have been on Furosemide for it which is a water reduction pill also used for my blood pressure.  I have a problem in one of my legs with Venus Insufficiency. The vein on the left is much larger compared to the right.  This causes blood to pool in my foot.  I actually get it in both.

Interesting but since I have been on Keto, it has not been swelling.  And I am eating salt to avoid the Keto.  That is sort of bizarre.  I hope to continue working towards bringing more Keto recipes and stay on it as a sort of lifestyle change.

I have felt like I am on the verge of a kidney infection but I drink water and it goes away.  I might need to add in some cranberry juice or pills.  The pills may be the better choice.

I also found myself running to the bathroom urgently after we got home from the kids's karate lessons!

Tonight I saw my kids chip packs and desired one.  I ate an ounce of peanuts and a teaspoon of dark cocoa chocolate chips mixed so I could get the salt and sugar craving taken care of which honestly was very rare.

All in all so far so good!  I went over just a bit on carbs and fat but i removed all the pasta from my soup and just ate the broth so I am sure my numbers were way less anyway.