What Keto Can Do Visually In One Month

Now.... 4/20/2020

A Month or so ago....3/12/2020

Can you see the difference?  Among other losses I lost a whole inch in my neck. I lost a total so far of 18 lbs.  Yay!

Those are the real dates of when those pics were taken.  I realize I got real plump from all the steroids I took last March 2019 when I was sick with what probably was Covid-19.  

I was already pretty obese before that from other medications.  In fact half of my life I was normal at 135 lbs. and the second half I have been obese  going up to my worst weight at 313, thanks to specific medications. I kid you not.  I gained 100 lbs in one year on a specific medication. And 50 lbs from another.  I was feeling horrible about it.

Most of my weight is from specific medications, my doctor even told me it was a side effect, after the fact.  And eating bad (or too good really) of course.  More recently it's my asthma medications that have affected me.  Especially Singulair and Prednisone when I have severe asthma events.

Keto is saving me, however, and changing me from the inside out.  I don't know how but my pants are starting to feel baggy.  I am down about two sizes but still using my same clothes. I did buy a few new clothes at two sizes down and those clothes surprisingly fit me. I lost a whole inch off of my neck already.

My waist is shrinking too.  It feels less flabby.  My belly from having 4 kids is still chubby but not as bad as it was.  I have a long way to go though. I am going to check myself again in 1 month to see where I am at.  I know it's fast, but I never starved myself.  I never really suffered at all on this new way of eating.  You can practically eat bacon for a snack.  I really did a few times and it satisfied me.

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My brain, out of bad habit, craved certain things so I allowed salted nuts like almonds and sunflower seeds to replace chip cravings, and dark chocolate chips instead of other sweet cravings.  I also learned to make Keto whipped deserts which doubled as ice cream when you freeze them.  And I learned to make a microwave Keto Chocolate Cake in a Cup that takes less than a minute to cook.  And I allowed myself diet soda, but I am slowly cutting back and drinking more sparkling water.  

I have been drizzling my chicken or pork with a tiny bit of avocado oil and putting a slice of pepper jack or cheddar cheese on top to satisfy my rich food tooth.  All these things are working somehow.  It's incredible.

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So I lost 18 lbs so far in probably a month and a week. 18 lbs gone.  And with very little effort.  Where did it go?  Burned off as energy. Because Keto lets you burn off that pesky fat...it's kind of like fasting in a way.  Your body goes into Ketosis and forces the fat to get burned off.

All I had to do was get the basics of Keto, figure out my Keto MACRO numbers of the right amount to eat.  I even cheated a little.  I didn't mean to.  But I did.  I ate a few things I probably did not know were not keto like regular coffee creamer at first because I did not feel right dumping good creamer down the sink.

I gave myself a celebratory day.  I never intended to.

My friend brought me a loaf of banana bread.  Darn her.  She knows I am on Keto.  I took a "Keto day off" and I had 2 slices of banana bread with her and later a spaghetti dinner.  I sugar buzzed after the banana bread a little. My body handled it pretty well anyhow.

I will go back to Keto immediately though.  I suspect my glycemic index is lower now and that is why my body handled it well.

I feel Keto is so ingrained in me now, and I am so satisfied on Keto, I feel wrong for eating normal for one meal.  I know Keto is a much better way to eat for my obesity so I am getting back on the Keto train.

Food is starting to be lessening from the store so I am worried about getting my bacon supply.  I may go off Keto if the crisis gets worse. Let's pray it doesn't. I need my bacon dang it!

The more eggs and bacon I eat, the more avocados, avocado oil, and meat and a little cheese, the better I do at losing weight. I can't say enough good things about how well this is working.

If I haven't told you how great Ketosis works, please hear me now, it's frigging awesome.